June 20, 2024

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The 3 Best Eight Sleep Alternatives in 2024

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For some people it can take a little more than the best fitness trackers have to offer in order to get a consistent good night’s rest. The Eight Sleep Pod and the entire Eight Sleep lineup allow any mattress to become a smart mattress, and while several Eight Sleep competitors have come and gone over the years, there are a few Eight Sleep alternatives on the market to consider. We’ve done the heavy lifting of tracking them down, and have whittled them down to what we consider to be the best Eight Sleep alternatives currently on the market.

The best Eight Sleep alternatives in 2024

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ChiliSleep Cube Sleep System

Best Eight Sleep alternative overall

The ChiliSleep Cube Sleep System against a white background.
Pros Cons
Compatible with many mattresses Requires regular maintenance
Well priced No mobile app
Works for both sides of the bed

The ChiliSleep Cube Sleep System is the best Eight Sleep alternative on the market because it offers a nice balance of quality, capability, and affordability. A good Eight Sleep alternative is going to be expensive, and while the ChiliSleep Cube Sleep System ranges in price depending on the size of the mattress you’re looking to fit, it still comes in at prices that compete well with Eight Sleep’s offerings. This system uses water to cool the pad and has active temperature management technology to provide you with the sleeping temperature you find most comfortable. It has a remote control and the option for dual zone cooling is available.

Sizes Twin, Double, Queen, King
Dual zone option Yes

BedJet 3

Best Eight Sleep alternative runner-up

The BedJet 3 installed on a bed.
Pros Cons
On-demand cooling and heating Louder than liquid coolers
Sauna-like warmth
30% smaller than previous models
Dula zone option

The BedJet 3 is the runner-up best Eight Sleep alternative. It utilizes powered ventilation cooling and heating as opposed to liquid cooling and heating. This can make it a little bit louder than other options, but it works quickly to warm or cool the bed, and its heating mode gives a deep, sauna-like warmth in just seconds. Biorhythm sleep technology enables automated smart temperature controls, allowing you to program different temperature settings for each hour of the night. This is a great option for people who run cold or hot and it’s a safer alternative to electric blankets.

Sizes Twin, Double, Queen, King
Dual zone option Yes

Neat AquaPad CozyFlow

Best budget Eight Sleep alternative

The Neat AquaPad CozyFlow alongside a bed.
Pros Cons
AirQuiet technology Heating functionality only
15 different smart features

We think the best budget Eight Sleep alternative on the market is the Neat AquaPad CozyFlow. And while it doesn’t have cooling functionality, its capabilities as a bed heating option are pretty impressive. It has 15 different smart features that include temperature-controlled digital heating, child lock, auto shut-off sleep mode, and anti-freeze. Neat oven stands by its products to an extreme degree, and loves its customers. Should the price of the AquaPad CozyFlow drop within six months of your purchase, Neat is committed to honoring the difference.

Sizes Twin, Twin XL, Double, Queen, King, California King
Dual zone option No

How we chose these Eight Sleep alternatives

We enjoy a good night’s sleep as much as anyone, which is why we’ve had our eye on Eight Sleep and Eight Sleep alternatives for some time. We’re also constantly keeping an eye out for the best smart home devices, so we’re pretty familiar with options available to anyone looking for a good night’s rest with the help of modern tech.

When it comes to making our selections for the best Eight Sleep alternatives, we’ve narrowed things down to a few features we consider most important. The amount of noise the product produces is important, as it doesn’t do much good to trade comfort for noise. As well, the quality of the product is important. There are a lot of junk mattress toppers and bed heating and cooling systems out there, and our aim is to present the best Eight Sleep alternatives that will work well and hold up over time.

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