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The Best Places to Buy Bedding So You Can Achieve the Sleep of Your Dreams

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Finding the Best Places To Buy Bedding

Let’s be clear: No bed set, no matter the quality, can save a poor mattress. However, the right bedding can make a good mattress even better. The right bedding has the power to keep you cool on summer nights or trap heat during the winter, while the wrong bedding can make you sweat or irritate your skin.

We recommend buying in two sheet sets if possible: one for cold weather and one for warm. Otherwise, one set of bedding designed for year-round comfort (hint: linen, Egyptian cotton, flax and tencel would work well) is an excellent investment. Below, learn more about what we considered before making our recommendations on the best places to buy bedding.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Places To Buy Bedding


Some bedding stores sell a wide variety of fabrics while others focus on just one or two. If you like having a selection or plan to purchase bedding for different seasons, a large department store or warehouse store may be the best place to shop. If you already know what type of fabric you want, online retailers are a great option.

In our recommendations, we made sure to include stores that specialize in one or two materials and stores that offer a wider range. Fabrics we consider to be the best include pima cotton, Egyptian cotton, linen, bamboo, eucalyptus, tencel and flannel.


If you are concerned about the sustainability and ethics of the stores at which you shop, don’t worry — we took out the guesswork. We made sure to include several brands that offer eco-friendly products made in a fair, safe work environment. Those brands include Saatva, Buffy, Quince, The Company Store, Article, Baloo and Made Trade.


The shipping and return policies for bedding can make or break your experience. While not all of our recommendations include free shipping and free return shipping, we made sure to point out those differences in each of our recommendations so you can easily weigh your choices.

Care Instructions

Certain bedding materials require gentle wash cycles and specific care instructions to ensure their longevity. However, there comes a point at which the maintenance requirements become a nuisance. We made sure that each of our recommended stores offer bedding that’s relatively simple to clean and maintain.


If you don’t want to repurchase your bedding often, it’s important to invest more money into your initial purchases. Most sheet sets cost between $25 and $400, and most comforters cost between $20 and $500. In general, we believe you can create a comfortable sleeping experience without having to spend more than $300 on sheets and $200 on a comforter.

What Are the Different Types of Places To Buy Bedding?

Online Retailers

Online shopping has quickly become one of the most popular buying options for bedding. It’s easy to do from the comfort of your own home, and many brands offer free shipping. Plus, finding specialty sheets — such as flax linen or bamboo — is far easier to do through an online search than in person.

However, not as many brands offer free return shipping, and some even charge a restocking fee. We made sure to examine shipping and return policies, customer service reviews and warranties for each of our online retailer recommendations.

Department Stores

If you love finding deals, local department stores are a great option for bedding. Some such as Macy’s and JCPenney offer seasonal sales on high-quality sheet sets, comforters, duvets, linens and more. They also tend to have good shipping and return policies. However, the quality can vary depending on the price point.

Warehouse Stores

Warehouse stores such as Costco offer some of the best deals on bedding you can find anywhere. However, their bedding isn’t always cheap; you can still expect to spend at least $50 on a good sheet set, for example. You may also need a membership to shop at certain warehouse stores.


If you only need simple bedding at an affordable price, supermarkets like Walmart and Target are great places to shop. The bedding they offer isn’t always the most durable, but you can still find comfortable sheet sets and cozy comforters at great prices.


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