May 19, 2024

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The Best Sleep Essentials, According To Arianna Huffington

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Welcome to Wake Up With Me—a column in which entrepreneurs and tastemakers reveal the go-to sleep essentials that help them rest, recharge and ultimately conquer their busy days.

In 2007, Arianna Huffington hit a breaking point. She had been running The Huffington Post for two years and working 18-hour days to build the news site, when she collapsed and woke up disoriented on the floor of her Los Angeles office. Beyond examining the cut on her face and a broken cheekbone, doctors could only pinpoint one thing that caused the fainting spell: exhaustion.

The diagnosis inspired Huffington to take a serious look at her relationship with sleep (or lack thereof) and how it was not only affecting her health, but her work, personal life and overall happiness. “For me, sleep was a powerful keystone habit, which is something that acts like a lever allowing you to build other habits,” she says. “When I started prioritizing rest, I quickly noticed that I was calmer, less stressed, less reactive and had more energy and focus. I was more present for those around me—including myself.”

Huffington channeled that newfound energy into researching the topic even more, including writing two books Thrive and The Sleep Revolution. In 2016, she said goodbye to the chaos of the newsroom for good, launching Thrive Global, a tech company that helps individuals and organizations improve their well-being and productivity through science-backed changes. If you’re struggling with sleep specifically, the platform will guide you through microsteps, which are incremental, too-small-to-fail to-dos that help you build better habits without getting overwhelmed. “My favorite microstep is about creating a healthier relationship with technology, and that’s to pick a time at night when you turn off your devices—and gently escort them out of your bedroom,” says Huffington, who even helped create a charging station that allows you to quite literally put your device to bed.

Huffington also relies on quality sleep products. “Essentials—like pillows and sheets—are highly individual, so what’s important is to find what works for you,” she says, noting that she prefers fluffy down comforters and pillows paired with crisp cotton sheets. But her number one secret to getting a restorative night of rest goes way beyond bedding. “It’s all about realizing how your performance in your day-to-day life actually suffers when you don’t prioritize sleep,” she says. “Once you see the benefits and feel the positive results in your life, it becomes a lot easier to make the time for it.”

Ahead, shop Huffington’s list of go-to sleep essentials, including everything from a luxurious silk eye mask to a wearable sleep tracker that seamlessly charts your progress.

One wellness favorite that Huffington can’t live without? A delicious cup of tea that helps her wind down every night. “I love drinking both chamomile or lavender tea as part of my bedtime routine,” she says. “It’s a great way to signal to ourselves that it’s time to put the day away.”

“I no longer sleep in my workout clothes—think of the mixed message that sends to our brains—so now I have pajamas, nightdresses and even t-shirts dedicated to sleep,” she says. “I love the simple night shirts from Journelle.”

“I like fluffy down comforters and blankets in the winter, which change to lighter blankets and quilts in the summer,” she says. As for her year-round bedding staples? “Cotton sheets and down pillows—lots of them.”

“When I travel, I always bring my own eye mask. I like this beautiful pink one from Slip,” she says. Made from the highest grade of mulberry silk, the Slip mask is thick, soft and doesn’t tug at the delicate skin around the eyes. 

“My favorite sleep tech item helps you put away your devices so you can rest. The Thrive Global Phone Bed Charging Station makes it fun and easy to charge your phone outside of your bedroom. And because it charges up to ten devices, the whole family can use it.”

“I love my Ōura ring and being able to track my sleep,” she says. “But tracking is only half of it—you still need to take that data and use it to help you prioritize sleep.” The Ōura ring, which comes in six finishes, provides insight into your sleep quality and gives personalized recommendations based on your nightly patterns.

“The reason most people give for sleeping next to their phone is because their phone acts as their alarm clock,” she says. “Yes, it can do that, but it can also delay and disrupt our sleep. So an easy way to solve that—and allow you to charge your phone away from your bed—is with a real alarm clock. I love the vintage-inspired clocks at Pottery Barn–they’re my most frequently given gift.”

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius is one of my all-time favorite books that’s always by my nightstand. I’ll regularly read a few pages of it before going to sleep. In his 19 years as Emperor of Rome, he faced nearly constant war and assassination attempts, and yet had the peace of mind to write things like, ‘There is nowhere that a person can find a more peaceful and trouble-free retreat than in his own mind…So constantly give yourself this retreat, and renew yourself.’ There’s wisdom on every page.”

Sun Zero Nordic Theater Grade Blackout Grommet Curtain (2-Pack)

For quality sleep, “it’s key to have some serious blackout curtains,” she says. “I also love having dimmable lights in the bedroom, so I can wind down the light in the evening as I wind myself down.”

“If I’m feeling stressed, I’ll add lavender oil to a hot bath and wash away the day,” she says. This essential oil by Aveda is made from the flower tops, leaves and stalks of lavender and can be used directly in a bath or smoothed on to your skin afterwards to seal in moisture.  

“My favorite mattress is from Coco-Mat,” she says. “It’s made from all-natural materials and I love it—and not just because Coco-Mat is a Greece-based company, but that doesn’t hurt!” 

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