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Too Hot or Too Cold to Sleep? How to Fix Your Uneven Room Temperature.

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It’s a problem most of us can relate to. You’re trying to get to bed, but your room is too hot to sleep. No matter what you do, your room is still warmer than the rest of the house. Or perhaps you have a newborn, and you worry that their room on the far side of the home is too cold, and you’re concerned about the dangers of a space heater.  

So why are some of your rooms warmer or colder than others? The answer is most likely you have leaky ducts. 95% of all air ducts leak. How much leakage varies from house to house. 

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Why Air Ducts Leak 

  • Age and Wear: Over time, air ducts can deteriorate and develop cracks, holes, or loose connections. The material used in the ducts, such as metal or flexible ductwork, can weaken with age and usage. 
  • Poor Installation: If ductwork is not installed properly, it can lead to gaps or misalignments that allow air to escape. Inadequately sealing joints and connections during installation is a common issue. 
  • Exposure to Environmental Conditions: Extreme temperature fluctuations and humidity can weaken seams and connections, causing duct leakage, and pests (such as rodents) can damage or bend ductwork. 
  • Imbalanced Pressure: When air pressure inside the ducts is not balanced correctly, it can lead to leakage. Improper design or issues with the HVAC system can cause pressure imbalances. 

Problems Caused by Leaky Ducts 

Imagine a long, straight PVC pipe carrying water. Now, picture holes in that pipe littering both sides. When water reaches the pipe’s end, you’ve lost a significant amount of liquid and pressure. That’s exactly what’s happening with leaky ducts. Rooms at the end of your home only get a portion of the air your HVAC system is sending. Furthermore, ducts that leak heated air into unheated spaces can add hundreds of dollars annually to your heating and cooling bills.  

Poor airflow can also impact your health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, improving ventilation can help reduce virus particles in your home.  If you run an HVAC system with leaky ductwork, you welcome unfiltered air and bring in pollution and allergens. 

How Aeroseal’s Technology Can Cure Your Stuffy Room and Save Energy  

For more and more homeowners, the answer to these problems lies in a product designed to seal nearly 100% of HVAC leaks without disrupting your life. 

Aeroseal connects its technology to your home’s heating & air system to distribute a sealing formula. The non-toxic, water-based substance attaches itself to the leakage spots in your system and fills up all the cracks and holes, including the ones you can’t see or reach. This work ensures the air in your home goes where you need it – not where you don’t. Aeroseal gives you real-time results while the leaks are being filled, so you can see the difference in airflow as it happens. 

The work is complete in a few hours, and you even get a certificate of completion showing those before and after results. The process leads to a home with even temperatures in every room, healthier air, and energy savings due to an efficient HVAC system. Past performance suggests you’ll feel the difference immediately and see the savings on your energy bill. 

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Consider the case of Travis Kinnison, a homeowner in Xenia, Ohio, who wrestled with inconsistent room temperatures, particularly in the far reaches of his home. Uneven warmth disrupted his daily life in the rooms where he spent quality time with his family. For instance, when he set the thermostat at 70°F (21°C), register air temperatures ranged anywhere from 85°F to as low as 67°F at the far ends of the house. The leading cause for this? Leaky ducts.  

Aeroseal’s duct sealing technology cut Travis’s leakage by over 88%, and the average air temperature from the registers improved by five degrees.  

“After Aeroseal, not only can you feel a difference in the amount of air coming out of the registers, but those cold rooms are now more comfortable, not to mention the furnace is kicking off a lot sooner than it was before.” Travis, Homeowner  

These outcomes provide homeowners like Kinnison with a solution to the duct leakage problem and create more Aeroseal adopters as time passes. Although availability varies by location, tax credits and utility rebates are expected to enhance the popularity of Aeroseal’s technology. That could be a comforting thought as you go to bed this evening, realizing you don’t have to suffer through another night of it being too hot or cold to sleep. 


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