June 14, 2024

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Green Dog Barkery brings fun, health to the pets of NEPA

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A new pet store opened in Wyoming earlier this month, and it’s got some unique features that are sure to please dogs, cats and humans alike.

The store, Green Dog Barkery, is situated in the corner of the Midway Shopping Center off of Wyoming Avenue, and is owned by Michele Pertl. Michelle’s husband, Scott, and her daughter, Madison, are key contributors to the new, family-run business.

The business’ name is meaningful, especially the first word. According to Scott Pertl, Green Dog Barkery prides itself on nutritional wellness and environmental sustainability, both “green” initiatives.

Two of the main draws of Green Dog Barkery are its social area and the treat bakery. Each serves a unique function for the business’ operations that make it stand out in the landscape of pet stores.

Scott said that the social area has three main pillars: safety, education and charity.

Through the social area, Green Dog Barkery serves as a play area for pets and their humans. There, pets have the space to run around inside and outside in a safe facility, all while their humans can socialize with other owners.

“It’s been exciting as we’re sharing this concept. People are coming in here, they see the social area, and they’re like ‘wow,’ this is something very different,” said Scott.

The social area has already hosted a number of private events, including a dog’s birthday party, and there are plenty of plans for more events to take place there in the future. Scott said that the only major requirement for pets to attend an event in the social area is up-to-date vaccinations. For humans, the space can be rented out for $50 per hour.

In keeping with safety guidelines, Scott said that certain events in the social area may be broken down by pet size, breed or age. They also have the assistance of an American Kennel Club certified trainer, maximizing the safety of this unique space for young animals and those being taught obedience.

In addition to being a play area, the social space developed at Green Dog Barkery is also available for educational and charity events. The store is closely tied to the community and is committed to helping fellow Northeast Pennsylvania businesses carry out their missions.

This collaboration with other businesses extends to every piece of the Green Dog Barkery business model, including the on-site bakery where the treats are made.

“It’s all from scratch, no sugars added,” said Scott.

The bakery is mostly overseen by Madison Pertl, whose dream it was to see a business like Green Dog Barkery come to life.

Madison’s approach to baking the treats are more or less the same as though she were baking for a human. The ingredients are mixed and sculpted according to the type of treat she is creating. At times, there are creative elements that come into play, and the process is overseen by a regulatory lab.

“If you make a new form of treat … we have to send those in to get the guaranteed analysis before we can sell them to people,” Madison said of the oversight process.

The ingredients used in the bakery are locally sourced, collaborating with area establishments such as The Beekeeper’s Daughter, Brace’s Orchard and Darling & Sons Farms and Greenhouses to find the healthiest options for pets. The connections they’ve made in the business realm can be traced back to their roots in the community.

“The Brace’s … our kids have known their kids. Joe Darling, who’s the head farmer of Darling’s Farm, he was one of our son’s basketball coaches,” Scott explained. “Madison used to work at Hillside Farms, and Beekeepers’ Daughter has a big distribution there.”

Scott noted that the store has a nutrition expert on staff to help with the baking process.

Beyond the products and resources offered at Green Dog Barkery, the store’s aesthetic has a particularly local flair. The most obvious of these is the large mural in the back of the social area. It was developed and painted by local artist Ashley Kostack.

It is unconventional collaborations like these that make Green Dog Barkery, as Scott said, “a true community pet store.” He noted that similar businesses in the area, such as pet groomers, are not viewed as competitors. Rather, they are seen as potential collaborators.

Scott said that the customer base has been solid thus far, and the struggles have been kept to a relative minimum.

“We’re learning how to run the business,” said Scott. “I think [customers] are appreciating our focus on the ingredients and the sustainability.”


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